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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Charles T. Jahren


Web-based collaboration tools offer many benefits in the management of construction projects. These systems have become increasing popular in the vertical construction sector; however, they have not been widely implemented in the horizontal construction sector. Research was completed to determine how prevalent the use of web-based collaboration software is with state departments of transportations (DOT) and what needs exist within state DOTs for web-based collaboration.

To learn how web-based collaboration could be implemented within state DOTs a pilot project was conducted with the Iowa DOT. This project focused on identifying the Iowa DOT's project management needs on bridge projects and implementing web-based project management systems (WPMS) to meet these needs. Systems were implemented using an action research methodology in an iterative nature in order to meet the immediate needs of the Iowa DOT while working towards a long term solution. Through this process a commercial solution was selected and pilot tested on bridge construction projects. Based on previous iterations and a functional analysis of the Iowa DOT's needs this solution focused on the management of contract documents, shop drawing submittals, and requests for information.

Results of this pilot project and research will help provide the horizontal construction sector with information for successfully implementing WPMS. By targeting specific construction documents and beginning by initially implementing smaller scale systems, organizations may be able to improve the success of WPMS implementations and reduce the initial cost and risk of implementing WPMS.


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Aaron Charles Zutz



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