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John Levis


While many studies in second language learning have concentrated on developing effective vocabulary instruction methodologies, little research has focused on the specific ways instructors can encourage positive learner attitudes towards the vocabulary learning process. Integrating varied learning styles into vocabulary learning activities may be one way for second language educators to help cultivate positive attitudes towards study of English vocabulary, as well as promote vocabulary acquisition. This experimental study investigates how participation in collaborative vocabulary learning environments impacts ESL students' attitudes towards and motivation in English vocabulary learning, and their understanding of and ability to use the target vocabulary appropriately in context. Two treatment groups comprised of 24 advanced level ESL students completed an online, vocabulary learning task either individually or collaboratively. Pre-task and post-task surveys were given to participants to gauge each treatment groups' change in attitudes towards and motivation in vocabulary learning, as well as gauge their growth in vocabulary knowledge. The study's findings reveal that no significant growth occurred in either treatment groups regarding learner attitudes towards or motivation in studying English vocabulary, but that the collaborative treatment group reported a significantly higher increase in vocabulary knowledge over the individual treatment group. Further research on the effect of various vocabulary learning styles on learner attitudes and motivation in English vocabulary learning and vocabulary development are needed.


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