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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Radhey S. Sharma

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Vernon R. Schaefer


Different earth materials, such as soil and rock, are used in the construction of geotechnical systems

including foundations, retaining walls, embankments and road pavements and air-field pavements. Often

site soils are unacceptable for the intended function and must be replaced with better quality materials or

improved. One method of improvement is to mix high quality site materials with lesser quality site

materials to provide an acceptable soil material. In Iowa, materials for earthwork construction are

classified, based on their suitability, as: select, suitable, and unsuitable soils. In this study, three unsuitable

soils were mixed with one select soil at various proportions (unsuitable : select = 25%:75%, 50%:50% and

75%:25%) to investigate how the engineering properties can be improved at different select-unsuitable

ratios and evaluate the potential of using the blends at various embankment layers. Experimental results

indicate that resulting blends are for the most part acceptable and classify as suitable materials for

embankments. With the large amount of money involved in carrying out the remedial measures for poor

soils, management and optimization of the available materials by mixing the materials among themselves

in various proportions can be a viable solution.


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