Nearly gone

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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Barbara Walton


The intent of this written component is to document my thesis exhibition, "Nearly Gone." It explains the influences, processes and research critical to its development. Twenty-three paintings and digital prints were exhibited at The Gallery in the Round in Ames, Iowa, April 10- May 29, 2010.

Focusing on emotion, my work seeks to elicit a visceral response from the viewer. Though the development of these works over time has helped me to define my own sense of identity and history, my goal is to provide a type of visual catharsis, exploring emotions that are common to all of us, but are often difficult to communicate verbally. Philosopher John Dewey said, "A lifetime would be too short to reproduce in words a single emotion" (Dewey 70). Searching through the unfavorable aspects of modern living I juxtapose feelings of pain and anxiety against stillness, serenity and awe. My work responds to the need for art as a healing and spiritual power within the community. Modernist critic Suzi Gablik writes, "The collective task of `re-enchanting' our whole culture is, as I see it, one of the crucial tasks of our time" (Gablik 67). In an era of impersonal communication and socio-economic upheaval, these works explore the beautiful amidst chaos and struggle.

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