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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Shashi K. Gadia


A parametric model and a query language ParaSQL for temporal databases has been proposed in the past. As the attribute values in the model can vary in length, it is difficult to use existing relational storage technology. To address this, CanStoreX, our XML-based storage technology has been deployed in a prior implementation. In parallel, the storage technology as well as our style of implementation for database prototypes have gone through an evolution. This has necessitated the previous implementation to be revisited. In addition, a new parser has been developed using JavaCC. Furthermore, a larger subset of ParaSQL has been implemented. For testing, a utility to generate synthetic temporal relations has been developed. Conforming to the new style, the present implementation has been encapsulated in terms of high level commands. This allows end-users to system developers on one hand and various database prototypes on the other, to interact with a central storage system from a common GUI that facilitates execution of batches of commands. Our implementation has helped to identify pragmatic issues in temporal database implementation as well as as the storage technology more clearly.


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Kartic Ramesh



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