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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry H. Ebbers

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Soko S. Starobin


Using graduate surveys, which ascertained demographic data and educational experiences of the graduates, funeral service National Board Examination (NBE) scores, program curricula, and annual accreditation reports, this study investigated the relationship between educational experiences of funeral service graduates and their corresponding NBE scores. The sample consisted of 213 graduates of accredited programs who graduated and completed the NBE during 2009. The sample was evaluated to insure it was a representative sample of the population. In addition to descriptive statistics, comparative analyses and multiple regression analyses were conducted to determine differences between values of variables under investigation and to determine if any variables (educational experiences) could predict success on the NBE.

The study discovered that various educational experiences within this vocational program were not consistently offered to students among the accredited programs. The study also found significant differences between NBE scores of online and on-campus graduates. Finally, in keeping with other studies related to indicators of success on national licensing examinations, the study concluded the best predictor of success on the NBE was the graduates GPA during the program of study.


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