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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry Ebbers


Adjunct faculty constitutes the majority of faculty in higher education. Their large numbers make them a force in community colleges and four-year universities. The role that adjunct faculty play is impressive and their role should not be overlooked. Studying the background of adjunct faculty assists in providing an overview of gender, age, and ethnicity amongst adjunct faculty. College administrators and support professionals can benefit from understanding the levels of support adjunct faculty expect and their satisfaction with support that already exists in community colleges. The overall level of job satisfaction of adjunct faculty also assists college personnel in understanding adjunct faculty. This dissertation reports an in-depth examination of adjunct faculty characteristics as well as faculty thoughts about services and support they receive, and their level of job satisfaction. The data collected and analyzed through this study will add to the literature regarding adjunct faculty and help community college administrators understand the levels of satisfaction adjunct faculty feel related to support and their work.

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Jody Kristine Tomanek



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