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Doctor of Philosophy



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Robert S. Houk


The development of mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation for novel biological applications, specifically, the development of instrumentation that integrates ion/ion reaction capabilities in an ion trap (IT) with ion mobility-quadrupole-time-of-flight (IMS-q-TOF) analysis is presented. Chapter 1 provides a general introduction to protein analysis by MS, ion/ion reactions and ion/ion reaction instrumentation, and IMS techniques and IMS instrumentation. Chapter 2 describes the construction and performance of a linear ion trap (LIT) made with primarily commercially available components. The LIT has two ion sources for independent analyte ion and reagent ion formation. The LIT functions as a reaction vessel for gas-phase ion/ion reactions and as a mass spectrometer using mass-selective axial ejection. Initial experiments demonstrate the LIT's ability to perform both dual polarity storage mode and transmission mode proton transfer ion/ion reactions. Chapter 3 describes the construction and performance of an IT-IMS-q-TOF with three independent ion sources. This instrument is the first MS to combine ion/ion reaction capabilities with IMS-q-TOF analysis. Chapter 4 describes novel experiments performed on the IT-IMS-q-TOF instrument constructed in our lab. The gas phase conformation of cytochrome c ions in multiple different charge states is investigated using proton transfer ion/ion reactions and IMS-q-TOF analysis.

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