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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Larry Ebbers


This case study examined the phenomenon, through a basic interpretive approach, of 13 students who participated in a short– term study abroad program at a community college. Participants shared experiences from their programs that provided meaning to their lives and how that meaning has shaped their life socially, academically, professionally, and personally. The goal of the study was to describe their experiences of community college students who participate in a short-term study abroad program, describe how a short-term study abroad program at a community college impacts a student's life, understand how short–term study abroad programs in community colleges are moving toward the outcomes of long–term programs, and determine the impact this study will have on senior level administrators from Community Colleges for International Development and other government agencies affiliated with study abroad programs.

Data were collected from 13 participants via interviews, travel journals, trip reports, and photographs taken while the students were studying abroad. The themes identified in the data were: International experiences encourage participants to study abroad; student perception of faculty leading the study abroad program is key to study abroad participation; expanded worldview through human interaction; studying abroad produces a desire to travel internationally; participants earn intellectual, social, professional, and personal capital as a result of studying abroad.

These themes suggest that short–term study abroad programs that use the Troika model produced a significant impact on students who participate in them.


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