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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Wensheng Zhang


Wireless sensor networks have attracted considerable attention from academia as well as industry. The applications of wireless sensor networks encompass the domains of industrial process monitoring and control, machine health monitoring, environment and habitat monitoring, healthcare applications, home automation, traffic control, etc. In this research we focus on the application of wireless sensor networks to agriculture in which sensors are distributed in a field to monitor the environment and soil of certain interested areas in the field. Given a

set of measurement requests and tasks, it is critical to develop a formal, automatic and energy-efficient approach to assign the set of measurement tasks among the given wireless sensor network to fulfill the measurement requests subject to the restrictions such as sensor

locations, sensing abilities and the expected number of samplings. In this work, we model the measurement requests and tasks as tuples and formulate the task assignment problem of wireless sensor networks with the application to agriculture as an instance of Integer Linear Programming (ILP) problem. We also develop a task assignment system using Java, SAT4J and TinyOS to implement the proposed {em formal} and {em automatic} task assignment approach. The proposed ILP formulation and developed task assignment system are applied to the simulations on small and middle-sized wireless sensor networks. The simulation results show that the proposed ILP formulation is

correct and it is feasible to apply the proposed ILP formulation to resolve task assignment problems for small and middle-sized (consisting of at most 100 sensors) wireless sensor networks with a small number of measurement requests (consisting of at most 5 requests).


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