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Walter R. Fehr


Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] oils with high-oleate (HO) or low linolenate (LL) concentrations have greater oxidative stability and longer shelf-life than conventional soybean oil. Soybean lines with the transgenic event DP-305423-1 produce a high-oleate oil and those with the fan1(C1640) and fan3(RG10) alleles produce a low-linolenate oil. The objective of this study was to evaluate the agronomic and seed traits of high-oleate/low-linolenate (HOLL) lines, high-oleate/normal-linolenate (HONL) lines, and normal-oleate/normal-linolenate (NONL) lines selected from four single-cross populations formed by crossing a HOLL parent homozygous for the transgene and the two fan alleles to four conventional NONL cultivars. A minimum of 14 F3:5 lines of each class in the four populations were evaluated in five environments during 2009. The mean fatty ester concentration averaged across populations was 786 g kg-1 oleate and 24 g kg-1 linolenate for the HOLL class, 784 g kg-1 oleate and 56 g kg-1 linolenate for the HONL, and 226 g kg-1 oleate and 75 g kg-1 linolenate for the NONL. The mean yield of the NONL class was significantly greater than the HOLL by 4.5% and the HONL by 3.0%. Of the 10 highest yielding lines in each population, 60% were NONL, 25% HOLL, and 15% HONL. Although the mean yields and frequencies of high-yielding lines in the HOLL and HONL classes were less than the NONL class, it would be possible to select cultivars of both classes that yielded as well as NONL cultivars. For the other agronomic and seed traits, the maximum difference among the three classes in the four populations was 9 g kg-1 for protein concentration, 6 g kg-1 for oil concentration, 7 mg sd-1 for seed weight, 2 d for maturity, 4 cm for height, and 0.4 for lodging score. The overlap in the distributions of lines within the three classes for the agronomic and seed traits indicated that it would be possible to select HOLL and HONL cultivars comparable to NONL cultivars.


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