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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Julie Dickerson


The traditional choreographer/dancer paradigm uses the dancer as a tool of the choreographer. By contrast, a real-time responsive environment, consisting of rendered video and motion-generated video and sound allows the dancer to become a co-creator in both the rehearsal process and the performances. A malleable visual and sonic environment means that the dancer's relation to their environment becomes a self-directed mixture of expressive and responsive elements. This results in a more authentic experience, as the dancer can use his or her movement to not just alter the environment, but use that environment to accompany the dancer rather than having the environment direct the dancer. However, the selection of technology for such a malleable dance-performance envionment is by no means trivial. From piezo and flex sensors, radio frequency transceivers and bluetooth radios, to the ultimate development of a novel sensor system (the VDancer) that can eliminate the need for wires and breakable flex sensors, this thesis details the search for a system that is tough enough to withstand hard use no by modern dancers, and inexpensive enough for a modern dance company. Part of the intent of this thesis is to detail the application of interactive technologies that was developed to allow dancers to manipulate sound and video projections on any stage.

This thesis also documents similar previous work, the development of the VDancer, and a number of avenues for advancing that system and the interactions it can offer users.


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Valerie Jane Williams



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82 pages