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Anne M. Foegen


This study examines the content validity, item level analysis and predictive validity of two algebra progress monitoring measures. The content in two algebra progress monitoring measures was examined to determine alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for algebra. The content for one algebra measure, namely, Algebra Content Analysis (ACA), aligned well with the Common Core State Standards, with each skill tested in the measure aligning with at least one or more CCSS high school algebra domains. In the second algebra measure, Algebra Basic Skills (ABS), three of the five skills tested in the measure aligned with at least one CCSS high school algebra domain, however the remaining two did not align with any of the CCSS high school algebra domains. For item level analyses, item difficulty and discrimination were examined for both algebra measures. Data for analyses were collected from two school districts (A and B). Eighty-three students from District A and fifty-one students from District B participated in this study. Results indicated that the items in both ABS and ACA are mostly found in the `average difficulty' level ranging from .3 to .9. Items in ACA displayed good discriminating power in terms of student ability in algebra. Item discrimination analysis for ABS was not performed due to an inadequate sample of attempted items. Predictive validity at the subskill category levels for both the measures was examined by correlating scores on the subskills with scores for ITED and ITBS. In ACA, with the exception of the subskill 3.1 - Solve Linear Equation, the remaining subskills' totals did not show encouraging predictive validity with ITBS. ACA 1 and ACA 3 showed weak relations with ITED. With regards to predictive validity of ABS, four subskill categories had moderate relationships with ITED Computation scores. Implications for practice and future research are discussed.


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