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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Doug Jacobson


Cloud Computing is quickly becoming a mainstream commodity. Several industry players are behind the push and hype of their cloud services. They provide the services to customers for a cost. Most information about their infrastructure is proprietary and incompatible with other provider's solutions. This is a concern for open standards and system security. Virtualization of operating systems is a component necessary to operate in the cloud. Live migration is the capability to migrate an executing virtual operating system while incurring no noticeable downtime in system operation and connectivity. Virtualization solutions have a capability to live migrate virtual operating systems between different physical systems. The capabilities of live migration will be of considerable importance to cloud operations in the future. Live migration has the opportunity to be misused by cloud providers creating additional security concerns for the customer. This research looks at the live migration process of the Xen hypervisor to determine system anomalies that occur during the transfer process. Anomalies with the network and CPU were discovered that are detectable by the virtualized operating system. Based on these findings, the anomalies are statistically measured to create a profile. Detection functions are created and analyzed for effectiveness.


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Joey Nirschl



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