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Master of Science


Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication

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Barbara Mack


This study sought to establish how South Dakotans feel about transparency in their state, specifically regarding the South Dakota Open Meetings Commission, and whether the study's participants felt the appointed commission has been helpful in producing more government openness. The opinions of key players in South Dakota open government issues were solicited through in-person intensive interviews. The sample of interviewees included those who are intimately involved or have experience with the Open Meetings Commission and the preceding South Dakota Open Government Task Force. A semi-structured interview questionnaire was used to gather information regarding the perceptions of effectiveness of the South Dakota Open Meetings Commission. This study reviewed theoretical frameworks including participatory democratic theory, classical republican theory, classical liberalism political theory, social responsibility theory, and press freedom theory, and applied them to South Dakota's open meetings law. This interpretive study, which focuses specifically on the South Dakota Open Meetings Commission, expects to add to the body of knowledge that lacks information specific to state government transparency.

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Michelle Lea Rydell



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