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Master of Science


Human Development and Family Studies

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Kimberly Greder


A parenting self-assessment, based on the National Extension Parent Education Model (NEPEM), is a 160 item questionnaire designed to measure parents' self-efficacy in relation to six domains of critical parenting practices (i.e., Care for Self, Understand, Guide, Nurture, Motivate, and Advocate). This study explored the applicability of the self-assessment to parents in China. After multistage translation, a convenience sample of 18 Chinese parents living in China was invited to participate in the sample 1 study conducted online to evaluate the applicability of each question. Results of the sample 1 study suggested that 8 of 160 questions be eliminated due to lack of relevance to Chinese culture. The modified version of the self-assessment (152 questions) was distributed to Chinese parents in China through an online survey using SurveyGizmo. Chinese parents were informed of the study through a recruitment letter which was posted on Chinese parenting Web sites, and sent to kindergarten teachers and directors in the geographic areas that had less Internet coverage to reduce the sample bias. Fourteen Chinese parents responded to all the questions on the modified assessment. The two data sets (sample 1 and sample 2 self-assessments) were tested using chi-square analyses to ensure that there were no statistically significant differences between the two groups of individuals who completed the self-assessments. After determining that there were no significant differences between the two groups, data from both groups were combined to create a new data set representing responses from 32 parents. A reliability analysis of the 152 item self-assessment revealed the following Cronbach's Alphas for the 6 domains: Care for Self, 0.88; Understand, 0.86; Guide, 0.89; Nurture, 0.93; Motivate, 0.92; and Advocate, 0.84. In conclusion, based on a reliability analysis of 32 cases, this study suggests that the 152-item parenting self-assessment is culturally relevant for Chinese parents living in China.


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