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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Matthew Frank


This thesis presents a new fabric deformation method, referred to as shifting, for the layup of non-crimp fabric (NCF) plies with the intent of creating an automated layup solution. The mathematical model for the new method has been presented to describe the method and provide the ground work for future path planning of an automation solution. Testing has been completed to show that shifting can produce layups with 2 dimensional geometry without generating out-of-plane distortion.

Fatigue tensile testing was conducted in order to understand the effect of the shifting method on the properties of composite components. Coupons with constant curvature and varying discrete shift quantities were tested to failure. Results are presented with an equation relating discrete shifting quantities to the fatigue life. This equation also predicts the lifetime of a coupon with continuous shifting. This relationship will be necessary in optimizing the path planning for an automated solution.

Finally, a conceptual design and process schematic are presented to show the feasibility of using the shifting method for an automated system.

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Corey John Magnussen



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51 pages