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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Leslie Miller

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Eve S Wurtele


One of the greatest challenges in the field of biology today is the determination of unknown gene function. A number of web applications are currently being developed which aim at providing gene related information, such as gene expression and co-expression data for individual genes. Integrating gene expression networks with external data sources may give researchers additional information about these genes.

A regulon is a collection of highly co-expressed genes which can be identified by clustering a network of genes obtained from transcriptomic analysis. Regulon analysis offers a potential way to evaluate functions of genes in a given gene family or for developing hypothesis about the function of unknown genes. Hence, it is important that information about regulons, genes, and co-expression data be available to all biologists in a user friendly manner. Currently, information about regulons and its associated genes are not easily accessible, and in order to view regulon information, manual look up into flat files such as text files is required. In order to avoid this, we come up with an application which aim at providing regulon, gene, and co-expression data for three important species in a user-friendly manner using a web interface.

RegulonIT is a web based tool that aims at providing information about regulons and other gene related information. Currently, the tool provides regulon, gene and co-expression information for three species (Arabidopsis thaliana, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Homo sapiens) for very large transcriptomic datasets using a web interface. RegulonIT is a user friendly platform independent web tool and is available at


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