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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Daniel C Robinson


The purpose of this qualitative study was to make meaning of the experiences of six faculty members at Midwestern University and how they make sense of the combined use of technology, pedagogy, and content within the classroom. One way this study expanded the available knowledge base and filled the gap in the literature was to provide a voice for the six faculty members. Through interviews and document analysis, meaning was connected for the six faculty members. The focus during data analysis was the phenomenon of the use of technology in pedagogy practices of the faculty members. Focusing on the phenomenon supported the process of making meaning of the combined experiences of the six faculty members interviewed.

Listening to the faculty members make meaning of how the benefits and barriers of using technology in the classroom drive their decision making about technology integration provided needed insight into the following themes that emerged; technology and pedagogy are inseparable, pedagogy and technology, benefits and barriers of using technology and support.

Suggestions for practice would be to have faculty meet with a learning technology specialist to determine individual technology needs of faculty using the TPACK Technology Tool first. Learning technology specialists then need to select faculty who are lone rangers to begin teaching technology-by-design projects in their classes so other faculty would see successful technology adoption across campus by their colleagues that could spread a diffusion of innovation.


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