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Doctor of Philosophy


Biomedical Sciences

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Donald Sakaguchi


Optic neuropathy, as a result of various factors, is a leading cause of blindness in the world. The early diagnosis of optic nerve damage can aid therapeutic intervention, and experimental studies characterizing relevant diagnostic tools in different optic neuropathy models are currently lacking. In order to address this gap in current scientific literature, we aim to validate the following overarching hypothesis in this dissertation.

The progression of optic neuropathy as a result of direct and indirect injury to the optic nerve can be reliably assessed using non-invasive functional and structural analytical tools.

In order to verify this hypothesis, we have conceived and implemented the following specific aims.

Specific Aim I: To characterize optic nerve structure and function using non-invasive tools in healthy C57/bl6 mice.

Specific Aim II: To evaluate optic nerve status in C57/bl6 mice with experimentally induced Parkinson's disease, as a model of indirect injury to the optic nerve.

Specific Aim III: To evaluate optic nerve status in C57/bl6 mice following blast injury, as a model of direct injury to the optic nerve.

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