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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Chris R Rehmann


An analytical solution of a model of contaminant transport in the advective zone of rivers was derived and tested. Although the standard one-dimensional model of transport cannot be applied near the contaminant source, the transport model proposed by Reichert and Wanner (1991), which requires only one more parameter to be specified, applies over much of the advective zone. The model was solved with Laplace transforms for the case of a Gaussian pulse injected into the center of the channel and verified through an analysis of the spatial and temporal moments. The moment analysis demonstrated the importance of carefully evaluating the integrals in the analytical solution. To help in applying the model to field measurements, the effects of the model parameters were investigated and a procedure for determining the parameters from measurements was devised. The model was applied to measurements in the advective zone of a mountain stream. Predictions from the Reichert and Wanner model fit the measurements--especially the peak concentration and arrival time--better than predictions from the one-dimensional model.

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Greta Fayette Schmalle



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