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Master of Science


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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Douglas D Gransberg


The use of alternative project delivery methods for transportation projects has grown in the in the U.S. out of a necessity to upgrade a rapidly deteriorating transportation infrastructure. As a result, contracting methods including design-build (DB), construction manager/general contractor (CMGC), early contractor involvement (ECI), public private partnership (P3), and alliancing have all been implemented in an effort to accelerate project schedules, manage risk and achieve enhanced project quality. The distinguishing feature of alternative project delivery methods is the ability to involve the construction contractor in the preconstruction phase of a project, providing input to the planning and design processes. Furthermore, the quality of a constructed project is a function of the quality of its design. Therefore, this research evaluates the value added to a project by involving the contractor in the preconstruction phase.

Three research objectives are developed to address contractor added value. First, understand the factors that go into maximizing the benefit possible from cooperation during the design phase. Secondly, investigate the relationship between construction document quality, preconstruction costs, and early contractor involvement. Then finally, validate the major benefits of contractor preconstruction involvement given in literature.

Research instruments including literature reviews, content analyses, case studies, and cost data analyses form the methodology for this thesis in order to evaluate data from 404 transportation projects, 44 case studies, and sufficient literature.

This thesis finds that involving the contractor in the preconstruction phase increases cost certainty, produces cost and time savings, and inherently enhances project quality by contributing to the development of effective construction documents.


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