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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Leslie Miller


To write a code once and run the application anywhere has been the holy grail of application developers. With the diversities in the operating contexts introduced by various hardware, software, users and carriers, user interfaces must cater to all the present and future operating contexts. The expense of developing a software product to tailor to new market fragmentations is soaring. We propose a model that will aid user-interface designers working in the field of mobile computing to build applications across operating contexts, without the hassle of redesigning it to accommodate the unique constraints introduced by each operating context. This research will make the following contributions: 1) propose a novel user interface model for isolating the common features of an operating context for automatic rendering of the interface according to the constraints of each context, 2) prove feasibility of the model by handling one such operating context constraint namely screen size and present an efficient implementation of the proposed model for it using Microsoft Silverlight and 3) use the above implementation to measure the cost-benefit trade-off with a user study involving tasks of varying complexity.


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Arun Kalyanasamy



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