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Betty Dobratz


In the past several decades, disability, race, class, gender, and sexuality have been critically examined to determine how disability shapes and is shaped by society. That disability is interpreted and defined from a nondisabled perspective and continues to be researched, debated, and discussed in isolation from the other fields remains an issue. There is a need to problematize and complicate disability by enabling those with disabilities to voice their experiences. Drawing upon a phenomenological research approach and an intersectionality and normalcy framework along with conversations with five racial/ethnic minorities with disabilities provides the opportunity to demonstrate that disability is not an isolated experience but part of the everyday process by showing how disability is a social identity and social phenomenon. In order to continue to challenge the field of Disability Studies, there is a need to continually expand our understanding of disability through application of different lenses and intersecting race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability to gain new insights and move towards social justice and social change.

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