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Doctor of Philosophy


Physics and Astronomy

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James P. Vary


We perform no-core full configuration calculations for the Lithium isotopes, 6 Li, 7 Li, and 8 Li

with the realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction JISP16. We obtain a set of observables, such as

spectra, radii, multipole moments, transition probabilities, etc., and compare with experiment

where available. We obtain underbinding by 0.5 MeV, 0.7 MeV, and 1.0 MeV for 6 Li, 7 Li, 8 Li

respectively. Magnetic moments are well-converged and agree with experiment to within 20%.

We then introduce the One-Body Density Matrix. We present a method to remove the

spurious center-of-mass component from the space-fixed density distribution. We present space-

fixed and translationally-invariant density distributions for various states of 6 Li, 7 Li, and 8 Li.

We also examine select translationally-invariant density distributions from the ground state

and several excited states of 9 Be. The resulting translationally-invariant densities can be used

to examine convergence issues and better represent features of the nuclear shape. Convergence

properties of these density distributions shed light on the convergence properties of experimental

one-body observables.

We then present a method to calculate the space-fixed and translationally-invariant Wigner

Function using our One-Body Density Matrices. We present a novel visualization of these

Wigner Functions.


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Robert Chase Cockrell



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