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Master of Science


Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine

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Suzanne T. Millman


The objective of this study was to analyze the effectiveness of the "CASH" Dispatch Kit as single step euthanasia method for pigs in a laboratory and in a commercial farm setting. Effectiveness was analyzed based on reliability as a single step method of euthanasia of pigs across 6 weight classes. Forty-two commercial pigs were enrolled in the lab trial and 209 in the commercial setting. Enrollment was based on weight classes, sex and skull shape. The weight classes were 2-3kg, 7.5-10 kg, 15-20 kg, 30-40 kg, 100-120 kg, 200+ kg. Four styles of captive bolt gun heads were used - a non-penetrating head, a short penetrating bolt, a medium penetrating bolt and an extended penetrating bolt. Each pig was euthanized with the "Cash" Dispatch Kit. Death was determined according to cessation of cardiac and respiratory function. All pigs in the 5 lightest weight classes were effectively euthanized. Eleven of the 72 pigs in the heaviest weight class required a secondary method. With proper application and correct selection of bolt length and cartridge size, the "CASH" Dispatch Kit is an effective one step euthanasia method for pigs under 200 kg. However once pigs weigh 200 kg or more a secondary step may be required.


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