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Master of Science


Physics and Astronomy

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Mayly Sanchez


NOvA is a long-baseline neutrino experiment designed to observe the neutrino oscillation phenomenon of muon neutrinos oscillating into electron neutrinos. The NuMI beam line located at Fermilab produces the muon neutrinos for this observation. The Near and Far Detectors are constructed off-axis of the NuMI beam line and located at Fermilab and northern Minnesota (electron neutrino appearance maximum), respectively. In order to carry out the long-term goals of the experiment, the NOvA Near Detector Prototype (NDOS) was built and commissioned at Fermilab. Its goals are to demonstrate that, using the same materials and technologies as the larger NOvA detectors, we are able to observe neutrino data from the NuMI beam and cosmic ray muons. The cosmic ray muon data were used in the commissioning and it is currently being used in testing of detector response. These data are also being used in the development of reconstruction and calibration techniques to be used in the Near and Far Detectors. Furthermore, the neutrino data acquired are being used in the development and implementation of physics analyses, not only for NDOS data, but also for the first NOvA data. This thesis will discuss the development of the detector response calibration using cosmic ray muon data and its effects on the preliminary charged current quasi-elastic cross-section measurement using beam neutrino data in the NDOS.


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