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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Shashi K. Gadia


JDBC, Java Database Connectivity, is a well-known and mature technology for a Java based client to connect to a relational database on a server, execute SQL commands, and process results of queries that reside on the server. Likewise, there are a few technologies such as XQJ, IBM Cognos to support such connectivity to XML. But these technologies require the whole document to be stored in memory before it can be processed. As a result, such technologies cannot handle large XML documents. Canonical Storage for XML (abbreviated CanStoreX and also Csx), is a suite of technologies that are under varying stages of development at our lab. CsxPagination paginates an XML document of any size and stores it in ready to consume pages that are loaded into main memory as needed. CsxDOM, is a Javabased DOM API for processing XML documents and CsxXQuery, built on the top of CsxDOM is for query of XML documents. Under the research reported here, we have developed CsxJBCX, Csx Java Based Connectivity for XML, built on the top of CanStoreX, CsxDOM, and CsxXQuery. It provides API to allow a client to access the XML on a server, submit an XQuery query for execution on the server, and use CsxDOM from the client to process the result residing on the server. We have also done some testing of JBCX on CyDIW (Cyclone Database Implementation Workbench) - a command-based software development environment in our lab.


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