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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Ron M. Nelson


This study presents the energy performance test results of the Pleotint Sun Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) windows by using the Iowa Energy Center Energy Resource Station (ERS) test systems and data acquisition resources. The data includes experimental test results by using the ERS test, instrumentation and data acquisition resources. The experimental procedures were conducted under controlled environments.

The controlled environments consists of test rooms, office space, air handling units and air cooled chillers. The weather data were also collected at the facility and used for both experimental and simulation test procedures. The experimental performance results presented in this thesis for the SRT windows include the analysis of natural gas and electricity energy use for heating loads, cooling loads, pump energy, fan energy and lighting energy at the test room level.

Considering energy efficiency, the results of this study show that Pleotint SRT window technology can save more energy compared to Low-E dark tinted performance windows while still satisfying comfort level requirements. The results of the study show that most of the energy savings were from lighting energy compared to cooling and heating loads.


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