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Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

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David Fernández-Baca


The ever growing availability of phylogenomic data makes it increasingly possible to study and analyze phylogenetic relationships across a wide range of species. Indeed, current phylogenetic analyses are now producing enormous collections of trees that vary greatly in size. Our proposed research addresses the challenges posed by storing, querying, and analyzing such phylogenetic databases.

Our first contribution is the further development of STBase, a phylogenetic tree database consisting of a billion trees whose leaf sets range from four to 20000. STBase applies techniques from different areas of computer science for efficient tree storage and retrieval. It also introduces new ideas that are specific to tree databases.

STBase provides a unique opportunity to explore innovative ways to analyze the results from queries on large sets of phylogenetic trees. We propose new ways of extracting consensus information from a collection of phylogenetic trees. Specifically, this involves extending the maximum agreement subtree problem. We greatly improve upon an existing approach based on frequent subtrees and, propose two new approaches based on agreement subtrees and frequent subtrees respectively.

The final part of our proposed work deals with the problem of simplifying multi-labeled trees and handling "rogue" taxa. We propose a novel technique to extract conflict-free information from multi-labeled trees as a much smaller single labeled tree. We show that the inherent problem in identifying rogue taxa is NP-hard and give fixed-parameter tractable and integer linear programming solutions.

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