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Doctor of Philosophy


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management

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Lakshman Rajagopal


Employee hiring is a crucial function in any organization. Adherence to hiring practices that are fair, ethical, and non-discriminatory are vital to both organizations and job applicants. This three-phase study examined hiring practices in the restaurant industry with a focus on the interview step from the perspectives of human resource (HR) managers, unit-level managers, and job applicants. Significant differences were found between the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers HR managers' attitudes toward ethical hiring and ethnicity, while significant differences were observed between organizational size and perceptions of ethical hiring within organizations. Unit-level restaurant managers from California restaurants used a variety of methods when recruiting and hiring employees and believed they had adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure ethical hiring. While, verbal and non-verbal cues of the interviewer were perceived as indicators of ethical or unethical hiring practices by job applicants who interviewed for employment in California restaurants. Given the diversity in today's labor market, findings from this study offer a promising view that conveys potential for impacting operations and thus affecting the hiring of millions of foodservice workers.


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Amir S. Durrani



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