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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Debra Satterfield


The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether images located on

Governor Mitt Romney's website and President Barack Obama's website could provided a strong enough narrative to sway voters. The goal of this investigation is not to suggest the causation, but to look for patterns that emerge in the collection of data over the month of October 2012, up to the election. Screenshots are collected on a daily basis, in the morning and at night to check for changes that may occur throughout the day. During the process of categorizing the images, patterns began to emerge suggesting that President Barack Obama's campaign was more sophisticated in its use of images. The results of the election provided President Obama a second term in office and a victorious Democratic party win. The Republicans now realize new measures must be taken to win the presidential election in the 2016, and many of those will include a better marketing campaign that targets specific voter groups using personalized narratives.


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