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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Sunghyun R. Kang


Dynamic queries interfaces provide a powerful and fun way to search information. Using this technique with a faceted navigation can be very effective for academic researchers who are often engaged in exploratory searches. Facets can play an important role in helping the user understand an information space better. Dynamic queries techniques make the search results immediate and the interaction uninterrupted and focused. They can contribute to the user's understanding of the researched topic(s). Furthermore, they are more playful because users directly manipulate controls and the results are displayed through transition animations, which bring the process closer to a game experience (e.g., moving a slider that rearranges the available products).

The study compares for the first time (to the researcher's knowledge) regular faceted search to dynamic queries specifically for academic content. Two academic search engines were developed and compared: a regular faceted interface and a dynamic queries interface. Several strengths and weaknesses were identified in both systems. The dynamic queries prototype has the potential to deliver a greater experience with the appropriate back-end technology and design considerations discussed in this thesis.


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Stefan Ganchev Ganchev



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