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Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Linda S. Hagedorn



The purpose of this research was to examine the efficacy of the MAP-Works retention tool. MAP-Works is an online survey given to all first-year direct from high school freshmen that predicts individual student's risk for experiencing academic difficulty within their first year of college.

This dissertation identifies the extent to which academic advisers at a large Midwestern Research institution utilize the MAP-Works survey results when advising first-year direct from high school freshmen as well as how they use MAP-Works survey data during their advising appointments. Academic advisers' opinions on the efficacy and usefulness of the MAP-Works tool were examined. The MAP-Works transition survey has been distributed to all incoming freshmen at this aforementioned institution since the fall of 2008; however, to date, there has not been any research conducted relative to the way in which academic advisers use the information provided from MAP-Works when advising first-year direct from high school freshmen.

Data for this project were collected using an online survey which was provided to all academic advisers (both professional staff and faculty). In an effort to gain more information on how and the extent to which academic advisers use the MAP-Works survey results, follow-up interviews were conducted with those who volunteered to participate in the follow up interview. This study represents a first-of-its-kind research effort at the site institution.

Descriptive statistics were combined with the follow-up interviews in order to enhance the results of this study. The results of this study indicated that none of the academic advisers at the site institution use MAP-Works as their only tool. Further, through the use of the mixed methods analysis it became apparent that the academic advisers use MAP-Works in conjunction with other tools and techniques available to them at the site institution.


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