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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Sarah M. Ryan


This thesis addresses inventory management and facility location for a hybrid manufacturing/remanufacturing system where remanufacturing lead-time is different from production lead-time. We also investigate the impact of potential government regulation for carbon emission generated by transportation on a closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) network design. A two-stage optimization procedure is proposed in two cases of the different lead-times: The first stage optimizes the decisions on production and remanufacturing levels in each period based on a specific inventory management policy; the second stage optimizes the number and locations of factory, warehouse and collection centers. In a case of larger remanufacturing lead-time, the network is configured with a single plant, warehouse and collection center in the regions which minimize each investment considering the transportation cost. In the other case of larger production lead-time, the network is designed with multiple collection centers. With the consideration of the carbon emission cost, each storage facility first is located in the region closed to a plant with the highest investment, but as the emission cost increases, all facilities are centralized in the network to reduce the transportation costs. The proposed method results in lower combined costs of facility investment, holding inventory, transportation, and carbon emissions than a method that assumes equal manufacturing and remanufacturing lead-times.


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Yusuk Kim



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79 pages