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Carolyn Cutrona


The purpose of this study was to explore the interpersonal experiences of lesbian and bisexual women, particularly their experiences with dating and romantic relationships during adolescence and currently as adults. Ten women (ages 18-24) were recruited for the study and the primary method of data collection was an in-depth interview. The data from the study were organized into three main themes which were important in understanding how the women have experienced dating as members of the LGBT community. These themes were a) beginning to know self and early identification as a queer woman b) navigating queer relationships and c) the process of transitioning from adolescent to adult relationships. Limitations of this study include the small sample size and restricted age range of the participants. Future researchers should use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand the experiences of this unique population. For counselors and therapists working with lesbian, bisexual, or queer women, it is anticipated that these findings can provide some background and insight into the lives of these women and in turn, help to influence interventions and strategies for working with them in a therapeutic setting.

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