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Master of Public Administration


Political Science

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Mack Shelley


The United States of America is the most severe weather-prone country on the planet. Deadly weather events impact every American. The state of Iowa is especially at risk, with high potential for natural disasters as the temperatures and weather vary greatly from season to season. Very little research has been conducted on the linkage of human resources with disaster preparedness and planning, but after the increase in the number of current devastating events it is becoming a more heavily researched topic. Employers need to become prepared for worst-case scenarios to minimize confusion and loss, from both financial resource and human resource standpoints, before, during, and after a disaster. This thesis looks at the preparedness of workplaces within the state of Iowa regarding human resources departments and disaster planning. The results of this research indicate that the majority of workplaces are prepared, but with some crucial exceptions of important topics that workplaces need to become more knowledgeable about and better prepared for in the future. This thesis found relationships between the likelihood of an established disaster plan within an organization and the past effect of a disaster on that organization. This study also found statistically significant relationships that show which types of workplaces statistically have the highest and lowest likelihood of having a contingency plan in place.

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