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Doctor of Philosophy


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)

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Anthony Townsend


This dissertation examined the influence of action process dimensions on team decision performance, and attitudes toward team work environment and procedures given different degrees of collaborative technology affordance. Process models were used to provide context for understanding team behavior in the experimental task, and clarify understanding of process influence on team performance and attitudes. Two hundred-eight students completed the study comprising 52 four-member teams.

The results showed that action process structure has a small but meaningful effect on decision performance, team climate, and procedural justice perceptions. Tests for interaction effects were mixed. Collaborative display structure supports process influence in the predicted direction on performance and climate outcomes, but this effect was not significant. However, display structure had a differential moderating effect on procedural justice outcomes. In addition, confirmatory factor analysis was performed to clarify relationships in the proposed model. The majority of indicators loaded significantly (11 of 13). However the majority of goodness of fit indicators, while approaching acceptability, did not meet established levels of fit. As such, refinements of the study design and sampling methods is suggested before the findings are generalized or substantiated.

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