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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Reza Montazami


In order to keep abreast with the rapid development of portable electronic equipment, improving the performance of polymer electrolytes has therefore become our goal of research. This work improved performance of Li-ion polymer batteries through advanced gel polymer electrolytes (GPEs). Comparing with liquid type Electrolyte, Gel type Polymer Electrolyte (GPE) had the advantage of a wide variety of shape, size and dimensions so that GPE was selected as our target. The GPE is a membrane synthetized by trapping ethylene carbonate, and propylene carbonate in polyvinylidene fluoride and 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone solutions.

Advanced GPEs were synthesized by incorporating an organic electrolyte solution (LiPF6-EC-PC) with ionic liquid (EMI-Tf) into polyvinylidene fluride-base membranes. Among a series of test including ionic conductivity, film resistance, cell voltage, cyclic voltammetry, and charge/discharge efficiency, 50 volume percent of ionic liquid (EMI-Tf) in an organic electrolyte solution showed the best performance.

We also introduced the nanoparticle-polymer techniques that gold nanoparticles were adding to the GPE membranes as the fillers in order to higher capacity, stronger mechanical strength, and lower internal resistances.

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