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Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

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Wensheng Zhang

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Daji Qiao


Wireless sensor networks have been widely employed in a broad range of applications. As powered by small batteries, the scarce energy supply has constrained sensor node lifetime. The emerging wireless charging technology is a promising alternative to address such energy constraint problem in sensor networks. Comparing to existing approaches, this technology can replenish energy in a more

controllable manner and does not require accurate location of or

physical alignment to sensor nodes. However, little work has been

reported on exploiting wireless charging to improve sensor network

lifetime. In this dissertation, we study the network lifetime elongation

problem in wireless chargeable sensor networks (WCSNs). Specifically, the study is conducted in four directions. First of all, with given sensing quality requirement, we study how to maximize the network lifetime. Secondly, with given network lifetime requirement, we study how to maximize the sensing quality. Thirdly, we study the network lifetime elongation in energy heterogeneous WCSNs by designing a lifetime balanced aggregation protocol. Fourthly, we jointly optimize the aggregation and MAC behaviors to further improve the WCSN network lifetime.


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Zi Li



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127 pages