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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Lei Ying


A good link scheduling algorithm is one which is easy to implement and allocates limited resources in order to achieve high performance and acceptable Quality of Service [Jian Bo Srikant]. Maximal Weight Scheduling (MWS), a queue length based scheduling introduced in [Tassiulas Ephremides]is shown to be throughput optimal but is complex to be implemented in non centralized wireless sensor system. Whereas, a Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) based random access scheduling algorithm such as in [Boorstyn Kershenbaum Maglaris Sahin] can be easily implemented in a distributed system, shown to be throughput optimal in idealized conditions but suffers from bad delay performance in simulations. [Jian Bo Srikant] proposed a Queue length based CSMA (Q-CSMA) scheduling algorithm, which combines the two classes of scheduling algorithms and evaluates the performance of QCSMA with several queue length based scheduling algorithms in simulations. The objective of this thesis is to implement CSMA and Q-CSMA scheduling algorithms on Telosb, an open source sensor node platform is used for this work [Crossbow] and to evaluate the performance of the algorithms practically.


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Bhavani Satyanarayana Rao



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