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Master of Science


Political Science

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Yong Guan

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Steffen Schmidt


The advancement of wireless medical devices in the hospital has created an environment that is unsustainable, unsustainable for security management. I will explain how the development of wireless medical devices has changed the landscape of security in the medical field. How the history of medical devices and organizational issues affected device development. I will look in to the inner workings of pacemakers and pacemaker programmers and how their systems affect security. Who are the stakeholders for protecting the information and function of the medical device and pacemaker? What are the stakeholder's capacities and obstacles, especially if the device is implanted in your body? Once we understand the risk and who has the best ability to mitigate it, how can a system of prioritization of medical devices be used to solve the issues of insecure medical devices and/or pacemakers. How can the process of prioritization bring us back within our risk threshold for medical devices?

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Shelby David Kobes



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95 pages