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Doctor of Philosophy




Sustainable Agriculture

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Robert E. Mazur


This study investigated the link between social capital and access to productive resources particularly land, labor, information, and credit, as well as the impact of agricultural technical assistance on resource access among formerly-displaced farm households in Lira, northern Uganda. The study also explored whether established associations between social capital and food security are also observed in post-conflict situations. Food security was measured using the validated Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS). Data were collected from March-July 2011 through interviews with 221 heads of household. The study identified socio-demographic and socio-economic factors that influence and differentiate households in terms of access to resources necessary for achieving food security in Lira district.

Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, this study found a strong link between social capital, resource access, and food security outcomes among households in Lira. Social capital in terms of social networks emerged as the main predictor for accessing land, labor, information, and credit. Multivariate logistic regression analysis found a strong positive association between food security and social capital. Socio-demographic factors, particularly gender and educational level of household head, as well as ownership of livestock, and home possessions (which are regarded as indicators of wealth in the area), were also positively associated with access to resources necessary for achieving food security. The study has important policy implications for development intervention programs in post-conflict settings that transition from emergency-based to long-term agricultural development assistance. Results can aid the design of effective food security programs that recognize and support peoples' initiatives and strengthen their social networks while targeting the most vulnerable groups to promote sustainable livelihoods in post-conflict communities.


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