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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design

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Paul Bruski


The world we live in is derived of a multitude of natural and human-made systems. These systems provide us with groundwork to contextualize and better comprehend information. This thesis proposes using Graphic User Interface as the foundation for a systematic redesign of the Nutrition Facts Label. "Graphic User Interface thrives on its ability to display elements; such elements are structured by grouping those related in order to create a visual hierarchy while maintaining balance within the composition" (Mullet and Sano 82). Nutrition is a science, the facts incorporated in the Nutrition Facts Label is based in this system. The nutrient facts on the Nutrition Facts Label are interrelated, however, the current design portrays them as separate entities. This thesis aims to clarify the relatedness of facts and help clarify the information by incorporating two principles of Graphic User Interface. The first principle is Graphic Representation as Metaphor, which will bring in a visual component amongst the text. The second is Organization & Visual Structure, which will bring related nutrient facts closer in proximity of one another. The prototype label was tested to parallel the recent 2013 FDA study, which tested possible updates (not a complete redesign) to the Nutrition Facts Label.


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Jessica Palo



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