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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Matthew Darr


Yield monitoring technology is a key component in the development of precision agriculture capabilities. Because of the increasing usage of yield data in formulating data driven decisions, understanding the capabilities and limitations of the system is necessary for proper use of this data. Constantly varying field conditions are suspected as a causing factor in yield monitor error. Understanding and correcting these factors will increase the value and reliability of yield data for producers.

The following documentation is a component of a project being conducted by John Deere, Ag Leader Technology, and Iowa State University, in order to study the response characteristics of a current combine yield monitoring system. The first technical chapter of this thesis is to describe the development process of test used to simulate harvesting conditions in a controlled environment in order to evaluate different harvest metrics expected to be encountered during a harvest season. This development will be used for the evaluation and continued development of the current yield monitoring system. The second technical chapter of this thesis is an analysis of data obtained from the test stand as well as data recorded throughout the 2013 harvest season in order to identify factors that have the ability to affect yield monitor response. The data obtained from this chapter will be used to identify current yield monitor capabilities and limitations and identify areas of improvement. The scope of this study is to aid the advancement of yield monitoring technology to improve the quality of data available for producers to provide them with more opportunities in their farming operations.


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Nathan William Risius



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