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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Gap-Yong Kim

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Abhijit Chandra


The rolling process is an excellent method for processing new high performance polymers. Skew rolling, as a highly accurate and highly efficient rolling technology, has been commonly used to enhance mechanical properties and productivity. However, the complexity of the mechanics in the skew rolling process of polymers is a significant challenge for manufacturers and researchers. In this work, models for calculating the deformed area under parallel rolling and skew rolling have been developed. Based on the models, interactive force models in the rolling process have also been developed. Finite element analysis was used to simulate the rolling process. Experimental results were compared with the force model and simulation results. A study on angle compensation based on the influences of angle and friction conditions on force ratio Fxd/Fzd in the skew rolling process was carried out. The results showed the accuracy of models and equations, and the work offered the possibility of angle compensation for the two polymers employed in this study.

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Jie Wang



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65 pages