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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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Atul G. Kelkar


A novel Integrated Robust Optimal Design (IROD) methodology is presented in this

work which combines a traditional sensitivity theory with relatively new dvancements

in Bilinear Matrix Inequality (BMI) constrained optimization problems. IROD provides

the least conservative approach for robust control synthesis. The proposed methodology is demonstrated using numerical examples of integrated control-structure design problem for combine harvester header and excavator linkages. The IROD methodology is compared with the state of the art sequential design method using the two application examples, and the results show that the proposed methodology provides a viable alternative for robust controller synthesis and often times offers even a better performance than competing methods. Although this method requires linearization of nonlinear system at each system parameter optimization step, a technique to linearized Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE) is presented which allows use of symbolic approach for linearization. This technique avoids repetitive linearizations. For the nonlinear systems with parametric uncertainties which can not be linearized at operating points, a new methodology

is proposed for robust feedback linearization using sensitivity dynamics-based formulation. The feedback linearization approach is used for systems with augmented sensitivity dynamics and used to refine control input to improve robustness. The method is demonstrated using an example of a position tracking control of a hydraulic actuator. The robustness of controller design is demonstrated by considering variations in fluid density parameter. The results show that the proposed methodology improves robustness of the feedback linearization to parametric variations.

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Punit Tulpule



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89 pages