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Master of Science


Human Development and Family Studies

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Tricia K. Neppl


The current study examined intergenerational continuity in economic hardship, parental positivity, and positive parenting across generations based on both the Family Stress Model and the Family Resilience Framework. The study included 220 generation one (G1) parents, their target youth (generation two: G2) who participated from adolescence through adulthood, and their third generation child (G3). Results indicated intergenerational continuity of economic hardship, positivity and positive parenting from G1 to G2. In particular, G1 economic hardship influenced G1 positivity which, in turn, was related to G1 positive parenting. Similarly, G2 economic hardship was related to both G2 positivity and G2 positive parenting which, in turn, was associated with G3 positive behavior to G2. Results suggest that even in times of economic adversity, parental positivity and positive parenting were transmitted from G1 parents to their G2 youth during adulthood. Such continuity seems to influence positive behavior of the G3 children.

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