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Doctor of Philosophy


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)


Information Systems

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Brian Mennecke

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Anthony Townsend


Classically, management information systems has been seen as the intersection of two factions within the firm: the technology workers and management. Those in management information systems were tasked with providing a means of communication between these distant groups that would enable synergy within the organization. To do this, management information systems professionals have a need to understand behavioral aspects of individual psychology. This research examines the intersection of information systems and three areas of psychology: personality, counseling, and social. Three separate papers examine a specific research question within each of these separate areas. The first paper investigates the influence of personality and cognitive style on the preference for individuals to work in virtual teams. The second paper explores the drivers of interest and intention to major in information systems. Finally, the third paper analyzes the impact of impressions with regard to mobile users of technology. Together, these papers provide an interesting cross-section of work within information systems across differing areas of psychology.

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Andrew William Luse



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