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Master of Arts


Art and Design

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Lori Brunner-Stone


To better understand public perception of sustainable interior design practices in residential settings, two groups of seventy-five home improvement show attendees responded to a twenty question survey. The survey comprised of questions aimed at establishing attitudes about ecology, factors that influence sustainable design preferences and demographics. The ecology section utilized an abridged version of the New Ecological Paradigm Scale (Dunlap et al. Journal of Environmental Education, 9:10, 2000), which is a survey utilized to predict environmental world views. Items in the sustainable design section were chosen to reflect participants' opinions about sustainable design features in the home, along with factors that influence decisions to take action. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between public perception and the integration of residential sustainable interior design features and understand:

1. What role do environmental world views and attitudes play in the integration of sustainable interior design practices into the home?

2. What is the public's perception of sustainable interior design?

3. How does perception influence the integration of sustainable interior design into the home?


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